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Week One SimpsonElite Top Prospects Run Recap

The gym was blazing with talented players from all over the state from Wauconda, Lake Zurich, Antioch, Buffalo Grove, etc. The first week tipped off with a combine feel for the kids. We had agility drills, 4 cone lane drill where we tested the kids lateral footwork, to see how quick they could recover after getting beat. Another drill I enjoyed was the 3 cone curve drill where we had the kids head hunt around the arc as if they were walking into a jump shot and had to release to the other basket for a sprinted layup/dunk. SimpsonElite welcomes strength and conditioning coach Keith Ford as he led the agility drills. After the water break we broke the kids into groups of teams, black vs white as we put them through team concept drills, where they learned passing and cutting, one more pass, moving without the and more. The game itself was a joy to watch. Lake Zurich standout Nick Popovic went home with the MVP while pouring in 23pts, 3ast, and 3rbs. SimpsonElite Runs are taking steps to becoming the biggest Highschool open run in IL. Make sure you stay tuned for any updates.

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