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Gianni Cob Perspectives Leadership (2024)

One of the best offensive point guards we've had at SimpsonElite Runs, he's that good. Cob can score and distribute productively. Gets more than half of his touches in pick and roll situations and as the ball handler in fast break situations. Also get some shots up by spotting up, going one-on-one, and working without the ball. Cob has a reliable shooting stroke that can be dangerous as he looks to drive pass defenders when there's an opening. A very good catch and shoot option, but that isn't how he gets most of his shots up. Extremely effective shooter off the bounce, particularly from mid range. High motor defender, has small size but uses his quickness to be effective on that side of the ball. With his great feel for the game, I would love to see him create more for others to showcase his full potential at the point guard position.

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