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Ricky Divito Hersey (2025)

The high energy point guard is exciting to watch with his hang time, mid air layups and shifty crossovers. Divito does a great job finishing in the lane through contact, no matter the difficulty of the shot attempt. The lefty has a mid range game and can shoot deep if you lay off of him. The young point guard plays fast and and at his own pace it's really hard to speed him up. His playmaking ability is underrated as he does a great job of handling pressure and making teammates better with putting them is situations to score. He pushes the ball in transition, his read and react skills are sharp and you can tell the game comes natural to him. Divito is no slouch on the defensive end, he has active hands and quick lateral movements to stay in front of ball handler. It'll be interesting to see Divito progression throughout his career.

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