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Sean Reynolds Dekalb (2025)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Reynolds is a fearless competitor, plays the right way and a big game performer at the guard position. He is a high percentage three point shooter with limitless range and the defense have to respect it which creates driving opportunities. Excellent shooter in the catch-and-shoot game. The sophomore see the floor very well for a young player, he doesn't have a lot of ball usage but he does a great job taking care of the ball and handling ball pressure. His footwork is something I paid attention to and I know a lot of his shots are open because of his mechanics. Coming off DHO's(Double Handoffs), pin downs and off ball screens. The footwork all looked the same, foot was planted, reverse pivot, sliding down to the corner or being the lift guy, Reynolds understand timing and spacing, and these things translates to the next level. Reynolds also compete on the other side of the ball which is going to be something to see him get better at, once he learn how to do his work early, it is going to be hard to keep that kid off the floor. I look to see Reynolds drive more as it opens up more shooting opportunities for him or teammates.

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