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Trinity Hoover Zion Benton (2023)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Trinity Hoover is a traditional big who does everything on the floor. The 5'9 center is a monster in the paint, she knows how to use her body to shield off defenders and she has a soft touch with both hands that makes it easy to finish around the basket. Hoover loves finishing over her left shoulder going middle. At SimpsonElite Runs Hoover just bodied her way to the basket, she was stronger and bigger than everyone and once she got fouled, she made them pay at the free throw line. Hoover has a nice touch on her jump shot that when she fills in the duck in spot, it's almost automatic. With doing all her work mostly in the paint, I would love to see her step out more to either shoot or drive the basketball to open the paint for driving lanes.

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