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The Glue Guy

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Joel Bulka class of 2024 Antioch native was a key factor to the white team success in SimpsonElite Runs. How often does a kid come to an open run, play the right way and do the dirty work? Not often at all, but this Saturday morning Bulka was that guy. Bulka, the 6'3 wing made one more passes, crashed the boards, and made open shots. Bulka moved with a purpose the whole open run and it didn't go unnoticed. The kid is coachable and he was the glue guy for his teams success. Bulka shoots the ball really well, he moves without the ball, and he does whatever his team needs of him, he's a real winner. Bulka plays summer ball with AAU club Full Package and highschool team Antioch Sequiots. I expect him to play a huge role in this teams success this upcoming winter.

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