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SimpsonElite Runs Week 4 was EPIC!

This week featured some elite prospects in the state of Illinois such Sean Reynolds(Dekalb), Nick Taylor(Glenbrook South), Gianni Cobb(Perspectives), Jaylan McElroy(Depaul Prep) and Colby Smith(New Trier). It was a hard fought battle from start to end, you had guys talking and competing in the agility drills. You had guys chirping with each other in the 1 v 1 drills and they attacked each other just to make one another better. I loved the way Jaylan McElroy and Devin Malone(Waukegan) competed in the combine drills, gave me chills up my spine how hard those guys worked. Malone is a work horse and he will be a sleeper this upcoming season. When it was all said and done, there had to be ONE MVP, but for the FIRST time in SimpsonElite Runs History, there was a CO-MVP award giving to Nick Taylor and Gianni Cobb. Nick Taylor with pouring in 36Pts 8Rbs 3Ast, Gianni Cobb added 28Pts 7Ast, they did not disappoint with a lob off the backboard from Cobb to Taylor.

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