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Simon Weisserman 6'8 LFA(2023)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Whats makes Weisserman so special is his dual ability to threaten defenses as a shot maker and playmaker. At 6-foot-8, Weisserman is a walking mismatch because he is too strong for guards and too fluid for bigs. He spends a lot of time out on the perimeter to hunt mismatches and he specifically did a great job of using his tools as a scorer at SimpsonElite Runs. His paint presence was unmatched, he has great hands when catching the ball in the low post and he's really good when going over the left shoulder for a nice finish. Weisserman does really well of rebounding with his head up for an outlet or pushing it up the court himself. Weisserman shocked the coaches when he pushed the ball in transition full head of steam to throw down a tomahawk slam. Weisserman is solid rim protector who also do a good job of moving his feet. I expect Weisserman to have a break out year at Lake Forest Academy this upcoming season.

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