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North Chicago Transfer Xavier Mayfield-Wright looks to make impact

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

North Chicago boys basketball team did not have the season they were hoping for with having an under .500 winning season. Mayfield-Wright class of 2025 is a 5'10 guard who is very crafty with his ball handling ability, can defend at a high level, and his court vision is top notch. With the addition of Mayfield-Wright he brings an edge to North Chicago program that has been missing for quite sometime. North Chicago needs a leader and a guy who can walk the talk, Mayfield-Wright can fill that void. At SimpsonElite Runs the Junior guard hit the ground running with making fancy passes, attacking the rim off the bounce and finishing in traffic, it was exciting to watch. Im expecting a big turn around in North Chicago woes with Mayfield-Wright leading the way.

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