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Niles North Transfer Yaris Irby is exciting

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

This upcoming winter boys basketball season for Niles North will be exciting with the addition of Yaris Irby. Irby is currently ranked 21 in the state of IL in the class of 2025, per "Illinois Hoops Report". The 5'11, 2 way combo guard is very exciting to watch with his shifty ball handling, flashy passes and his mid range shooting. The kid is vicious on the defensive end, at the beginning of the run, he was the only guy picking up full court and he wanted to guard the best player. Irby feel for the game is what caught the gyms attention. Catching the ball on the left wing, allowing the defense to shift then making a shovel pass through the defense, right between two defenders are the type of highlight plays Irby was making. We will follow Irby very closely as he makes his debut with the Vikings, this upcoming season. The Vikings finished last season 20-8, losing 9 seniors and 10 underclassman returning. I expect a solid year from Irby impacting both ends of the floor and making plays that will leave the audience in awe. I predict that Irby will finish being top 15 players in his class by the end of the year. You heard it here first.

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