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Mariah Phelps Warren (2024)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The combo guard Phelps is something special to watch. Phelps has a nice feel for the game, can handle the ball under pressure, makes the right reads, and is probably one of the best junior shooters in the state of Illinois. Phelps finished with 20 points in SimpsonElite Runs with pouring in four 3 pointers. The lefty has a quick first step that with a split second she will be at the rim finishing through defenders. She plays well off the bounce, can shoot it going either way and finish with either hand. I was very impressed at SimpsonElite Runs at how an efficient shooter she is, shot after shot, she couldn't miss. Her playmaking ability makes it hard for defenders to guard her because of how unselfish she is. Don't sleep on her at the defensive end, with her long arms, she was able to get deflections and tips to rattle the defenders. You can find Phelps playing AAU ball with Mac Irvin Fire 17U.

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