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Jayden Hunt Ready For Next Step

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Jayden Hunt is a 5'10 sophomore at Grayslake North who found his grove late as a freshman on varsity until he got injured. The Sophomore guard is looking to make a bigger impact and show the world who Jayden Hunt really is. Hunt has a smooth game that when he scores the ball, it kind of looks effortless. He's a threat from every where on the floor but has the ability to blow pass a defender if they're playing too close. Hunt's footwork is solid that it gets him out of a lot of trouble when he's jammed up, his two dribble pull game is very good, and his ability to hit open teammates are skills that is going to keep him on the floor. At SimpsonElite Runs, Hunt proved that he can hang with the elite players in the state of Illinois and had a solid showing on the defensive end.. Hunt played more of a point guard (pass first) role last year as a freshman and this upcoming winter, I expect him to play more of a freelance role and giving more room to be creative as a player. Kid has an opportunity to be that good. You can find Hunt playing AAU ball with All In Athletics.

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