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Is Dejaun Graise good as they say?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Dejaun Graise had a great showing at SimpsonElite Top Prospects Run last week. He is better than advertised. The 6'2 Wisconsin native is considered to be ranked 15th in the state of WI, per "Prep Hoops". His smooth ball handling, tough shot making, and ability to create off the bounce is what separates Graise from his peers. I stamp him as a consistent bucket getter, he is exciting to watch. He can score from all 3 levels on the floor. He can score from deep, the mid range game area, and if you guard him too close, he will blow right by you. With his skinny frame he is still able to take contact finish over the top of you. What shocked me most about the 6'2 guard was his athleticism. During the combine drills Graise was throwing down all types of dunks, that was the final touch on his game that I loved. This kid can be real special if he continues to learn the game, play with a little more pace, and stay in the gym. You can find Graise on the circuit playing with well known Mac Irvin Fire 16U EYB and Kenosha Tremper for his high school games this upcoming winter.

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