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Getting it out the Mudd

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Class of 2024 Cayden Mudd Wauconda stand out is a stud. Having little success last season being a back up point guard as a sophomore only gave Mudd confidence. Mudd has transformed from a true PG into a combo guard. His ability to score anywhere on the floor from three, the mid range area, and his ability to finish strong at the rim makes Mudd very hard to contain. In SimpsonElite Runs Mudd was nothing short from special, pulling from the volleyball line while defenders continue to keep their hands down. The 5'10 combo guard playing off the bounce is very exciting to watch. The kid plays with such swag and poise that you never know what you're going to get. Mudd will be playing full time on the ball this upcoming winter and I expect nothing less from spectacular. You can find Mudd playing summer ball with Fundamental U.

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