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Dontrell Graise is fun to watch !

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The 6'3 Wisconsin native will be attending Tremper high school for his final season. He is a walking highlight reel. When you speak about athleticism, right next to it should be a picture of Graise. With his solid ball handling, spot up shooting, this kid hops is what's going to get him noticed. Each chance he got, he tried to tear the rim down with ferocious dunks and it looked so easy as jumps nonchalant. In the SimpsonElite Runs, Graise put on a display of scoring the ball from anywhere on the floor. With his size and athleticism, Graise was able to secure a few rebounds which finished with multiple put backs. He made a few good moves off the bounce, in which he did a pull back at the foul line, shot a one legged shot off the glass and it went in. At the next level Graise will play the shooting guard to wing position, so I look forward to seeing him put the ball on the deck more and defending at a high level since he does have great size and he's very long.

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