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Devin Malone Waukegan (2023)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The hometown kid was exciting to watch at SimpsonElite Runs. Very surprised that he is still on the market, college coaches need to get him quick, he's a steal! Malone is athletic, a driving guard, and mid range killer who has deceptive speed. He uses his athleticism really well to finish around the rim and he had a few highlight dunks. The athletic guard shooting ability is very underrated, he has such great lift on his jump shot and his form isn't too bad to say the least. Time after time in a pick & roll situation, Malone used the ball screen while the defender was in a drop and Malone would get to his two dribble pull up which he hit consistently. Malone is a blue collar player that you want on your team. His toughness and mental edge is what separates him from the pack, the kid is a worker. This year can be a breakout year for the senior that can put him in a situation where coaches will be calling for his service. His lateral quickness is solid, he wants to guard, he makes it very difficult to pass the ball because he has active hands. His defense is what sparks his offense and with his solid ball handling, he's able to get anywhere on the floor that he wants.

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