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Derek Bishop is the real deal!

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

With Derek Bishop being mostly sidelined at SimpsonElite Runs due to injury, it didn't take much to realize that the kid is a stud. Bishop is considered to be ranked 14th in state of IL, "per Illinois Hoops Report". I was lucky to catch a game last season, Mundelein Vs North Chicago when he was just a freshman and lets just say, you couldn't tell. The 6'2 guard lit the gym up with a variety of threes and strong takes to the basket. The pace Bishop plays with allows him to get by defenders whenever he wants. The savvy ball handling and IQ is where the prospect differs from the pack. Im expecting the Sophomore to have a break out season with putting up unreal stats, mostly points because he's that good. He's probably on pace to being Mundelein's all time leading scorer. Wouldn't be shocked if he breaks the record his junior year. Ill be looking forward to seeing Bishop at SimpsonElite Runs this upcoming spring, to see how his game developed. Bishop plays summer ball with Chicago Meanstreets and attends Mundelein highschoool.

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