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Colby Smith New Trier (2025)

The smooth ball handling, the flash he has to his game, this kid is exciting to watch. Colby Smith is considered to be one the top sophomore's in the state of Illinois and Sunday evening, he showed us why. With his quick speed, change in direction, great ball handling, shooting ability, and IQ, Smith was on a tear in the SimpsonElite Runs. He's a three level scorer, he can score from almost anywhere on the floor, does well finishing through traffic with either hand and he does a great job of taking care of the ball. Smith is not afraid of contact when driving to the rim, kid is a hard nose player and can get to the rim and finish with the best of them. Great shooter off the bounce, this is what separates him from his peers, being able to hit pull up shots consistently is going to be hard to contain him. Can handle pressure, and use his creativity to find open teammates. His passing ability is underrated because of how well he scores the ball but the kid can pass with the best of them, and they are on time-on target passes. Smith is a stud and he hasn't even reached his full potential yet.

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