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Brady Sehlhorst 6'6 Notre Dame College Prep(2025)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The 6-foot-6 unicorn is considered to be ranked top 15 in the state of Illinois in the class of 2025, "per Illinois Hoops Report. Sehlhorst has a great motor that will allow him to get easy baskets or careless steals because of his effort. Attacking the basket, Sehlhorst doesn't have much in terms of advanced ball handling but he can handle it comfortably on straight line drives with either hand, and his ability to take the ball to the basket for a runner or slam it home allows him to score efficiently around the rim. A really good athlete, Sehlhorst has outstanding coordination and body control, while showing off pretty good explosiveness when he gets his legs under him. He has a solid first step, and is very crafty maneuvering through the lane and finding open spaces, that will get him to the free throw line at a high rate. Aside from scoring, Sehlhorst is very versatile, great off ball player, moves very well without the ball, showing a good understanding of spacing and getting out in transition and filling lanes. He is a really good rebounder for his position and the more he is active on defense, he will get a lot of deflections and steals.

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