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Big season for Jacquari Nabb

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Nabb came into SimpsonElite Runs to prove that he could hang with the top players in the state and he didn't disappoint. The 5'11 guard from Warren Township is entering his Junior year of high school, and this is a big season for the junior guard. Nabb is very crafty, intentional thinker, handles the ball well under pressure and he can finish at the rim with the best of them. Nabb's strong suit is his ability to create off the bounce attack the rim hard. Nabb's ability to shoot the long ball, pull from mid range, makes him very deadly to guard when he can play inside and out. I expect to see him take more of those shots to open up driving lane opportunities. One thing I notice about Nabb's game, once he gets aggressive, all bets are off. There were a few glimpse of how great Nabb can be once he decides that no one in the gym could guard him.Once he gets that mentality each possession with the ball, Warren is going to have a better season this upcoming winter. You can find Nabb playing summer ball with All In Athletics and this upcoming winter with Warren Township High School.

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