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Are PG's who are pass first valued in today's game?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Owen Giannoulias is the prime example of playing the game the right way. "POINT GOD" is what I refer to the 5'11 guard from Glenbrook North. A true PG at its finest. His ability to drive gaps and find the open man is what the next level is all about. He scores within the offense and can guard on the other end. His vision is second to none. He see's the floor very well. He is the kind of guard that you have to just fill the lanes with because he is a willing passer and he will hit you on time, on target. In SimpsonElite Runs he was making his teammates look good with dishing them easy baskets and allowing the game to come to him. Don't get it confused, the kid can play. He can score the ball with the best of them, that's why I can appreciate his style of play. Impacting the game without scoring is a lost art in todays game. His value is higher than what shows in the stat sheet. He made a few highlight plays that got the coaches out of their seats with up and under layups, to hitting steps backs jumpshots and making no look passes. I look forward to seeing the impact Giannoulias brings to his junior year, I know he will play a vital role.

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