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Anika Youngman Warren (2024)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Youngman put her playmaking on full display last Sunday with showcasing her passing ability and quick first step. Youngman has a nice size up game that freezes the defense then blows right by them for a euro step finish. Youngman handles are tight and crisped with great footwork that it allows her to get anywhere on the floor that she wants. She has a great feel and pace for the game that it feels as if she's playing out there by herself, you can not speed her up whatsoever. With her unorthodox shooting form you'd think she wouldn't make any shots but on the contrary, she is a deadeye shooter from anywhere on the floor. I was very impressed with her IQ, outlet passes, driving in the lane doing bounce passes and hitting shooters on time, and on target, Youngman is a solid PG who is ready to run this young Warren team this upcoming season.

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