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Aidyn Boone 6'4 Libertyville(2023)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Boone uses his body to his advantage inside and in the post, as he finds different ways to get his defender on his back making it easier for him to finish. He certainly plays below the rim however he still has the skill set to block timely shots when protecting the basket. Its important to note just how many shots he's able to seek out for himself. He was amongst the best at SimpsonElite Runs at putting himself in situation to get those attempts, as his unique physical abilities make him very difficult to keep away from high quality shots. Boone has a great feel for his jump shot as he can shoot from pretty much anywhere on the floor but is dangerous in the duck in area. Beyond his ability to carve out space using brute force, Boone also shows deceptive agility and body control on his cuts to the rim, dive cuts from the high post or rolls to the basket off high screens.

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