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Its Jaleel Duffie, here with Simpson Elite Media, and I am back, once again, here at “The

Stixx League”, with another great write up. This week, was week one of The Stixx League

playoffs, and it was an exciting week one. Neither the players, nor the fans disappointed us in giving a jammed packed gym that was also filled with top highlights, high flying dunks, and unforgettable moments from these amazing players who took part in week one of the playoffs. The scene this past week, was incredible and filled with big time plays. The music was rocking, fans were buzzing, and the hoopers were not disappointing in their performances. The intensity was at an all-time high this past Saturday as every player gave their all, as each team began to make their playoff run to The Stixx League’s championship where only one team can be crowned and have unlimited bragging rights. Although every player gave one hundred percent effort, these are the most notable players who stood out in week one of the playoffs.

Cam Keilman – Team “SkyWalk”

Although it ended up coming down to a heartbreaking defeat, team SkyWalk’s, Cam Keilman, put on a shooting clinic, in his week one, playoff match up against the very talent team “OnePac”. Keilman was a notable player back in week two, and this week, Keilman was on another planet, draining threes from all over the court. Both teams had edges throughout the game but eventually the game came down to just a couple possessions and a nail-biting

overtime finish. Keilman came up clutch for his team, draining over 7 plus threes and finishing the game with a little over 35 points. His most memorable play came late in overtime, when Keilman hit a thirty-five-foot three pointer, to bring his team within one point with only ten seconds remaining in overtime. This sharpshooting forwards jump shot was in rhythm from the beginning of the game, all the way down to the very last minute when it mattered the most. He has a light, high arcing touch on his jump shot and really put the league on noticed after his amazing playoff performance. I got a chance to catch up with Keilman after the game and asked him how his experience was, participating in The Stixx League and his response was, “I love it, I think the atmosphere is great, I love how they play the music, I love that everyone that attends has a love for this game, I think that everyone that shows up loves to watch this game, and I will definitely be attending next year”.

Cam Keilman was cooking this past Saturday and is expected to return next year for

more Stixx League action.

Amar Augillard – Team “Zoo”

Amar Augillard had yet, another outstanding performance this past Saturday. The Stixx League’s playoff intensity, is very high, yet, that did not stunt Augillards play. The Guard propelled his team to an overtime victory, and helped secure his teams slot in the next round of these very intense playoffs. Augillard played at a tempo that a lot of players in this league struggle to match, when going up against this guard. Augillard is, particularly, hard to stop when he is “in the zone” or slightly frustrated. He is able to turn his game up a notch, a level, most mid-level basketball players, do not have. This gave him a slight edge over his matchups, this past Saturday in the overtime win. Augillard was crafty, finishing inside the paint over defenders. The athletic guard’s jump shot was also in rhythm, as he was able to knock down a couple of tough three point shots that came late in the game. The one thing I found most impressive about Augillard’s performance throughout this game is, he was able to stay composed, well enough to come through clutch for his team, even though, the team was struggling with some chemistry issues, between each other. I was able to interview Augillard after the game, and I was able to ask him about the chemistry issues his team has been facing throughout this season of The Stixx League, and his response was, “Well that is just Zion for us, we are going to argue, we are going to be at each other’s necks, but one thing we are going to do is have one common goal at the end of it all, and that is to work together to achieve the overall goal. Augillard played with high intensity and execution, and you can look forward to seeing Augillard and team “Zoo” in action again, in week two of The Stixx League’s playoffs

Milik Yarbrough – Team “Zoo”

Milik Yarbrough was another notable stand out for team “Zoo” in this past Saturdays, week one playoffs. The tall and lengthy forward is a professional basketball player who has played division 1 college basketball for some good time as well. His game is very elite. Yarbrough, is a true three-level scorer, with size, and very athletic as well. Yarbrough has an arsenal of ways he can score. He plays off the ball and can handle the ball at an elite level as well. Yarbrough has outstanding footwork with a high basketball IQ. He can contribute to an offense in ways most basketball players cannot, on top of his size advantage that he has on most of his matchups. This makes it very difficult to contain Yarbrough. He was able to contribute, drastically, to his team’s overtime victory, this past Saturday. Showing The Stixx League’s fans why he is, indeed, a bonified professional at this game. Yarbrough was very composed, humbled, and never not once, let the big moments of the game compromise the integrity of his game. Yarbrough believes he is built for tuff, intense basketball games like the one he performed in this past Saturday. Not only does Yarbrough get better as the game progresses, but he also, elevates his teammates around him. Thanks to his role and contributions to his team overtime win, this past Saturday, you can catch him back in action with team “Zoo” at next week’s playoff matchups.

Mark Hall – Team “All The Smoke”

Hall is crafty and athletic guard with elite talent, at his position. He was a dominate force in his unfortunate loss, to the number one seeded “Vipers” this past Saturday. Despite Hall’s team lost, he had a masterful performance. Hall is a shot creating guard who can shoot off the dribble, at a high rate of fashion. Hall, also, is very athletic at his position. He can either, size you up, create space, and pull from anywhere around the perimeter, or he can utilize his speed and quickness, to blow by you and finish at the rim firmly. Hall is great at getting to the lane and finishing through contact as well. Hall played with determination, this past Saturday, in a tuff lost that eliminated his team from the playoffs, but he did not go down quietly, and putting The Stixx League community on notice. Hall made it very hard for the opposing team to keep him contained. He was, in fact, a matchup “nightmare” for the opposing team. Hall used his elite ball handling skills to size up, create space, get to his spots, and get buckets at will. His tempo was at a high pace, and he never, not once, showed any signs of defeat.

Courtney Pigram – Team “Future Elite”

Pigram put on a shooting clinic in this past Saturday’s, playoff runs. Showing the entire league why he is one of the best shooters within the league. He also has the quickest release form you probably will ever see in this league, on his shot form. Pigrams quick fire ability, gives him an edge around the perimeter when trying to contest his shot, especially when going head up, one on one, with him. Hall plays professional basketball, overseas, and he has played division one college as well. Hall has even, played and competed in the biggest college basketball tournament, in the world, March Madness, a tournament where majority of the nationally ranked colleges, get a chance to compete for the grandest prize of division one college basketball, the national championship. Pigram is a very confident guard and is not afraid of the moment. In fact, he seized a great moment, late in his game, this past Saturday, by knocking down three, three pointers, which ultimately came to a climax when he knocked in an impressive four-point play. Pigram’s shot release is so quick, he can create just enough space to drill long range jumpers in front of defenders faces. He can also make you pay from midrange as well with his soft touch and quick release.

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