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Stevenson Patriots Vs York Dukes Sunday, November 27, 2023

It was an end of the week battle between two high scoring, high school

teams, that came down to just a few possessions that decided the outcome.

Stevenson Patriots had a neutral match up against the York Dukes. It was an epic

battle from start to finish but when the final buzzer went off, Stevenson was able

to outlast York, 53 to 50, in a close one. Simpson Elite Media had this high-

powered Stevenson team ranked 2nd , in the power rankings, after starting off the

season 2-0. Atticus Richmond (Stevenson) 6’8, Junior forward, has had high

praises from all around the Lake County area. Simpson Elite Media has him 5th ,

in the county’s player power ranking, for the 2023-2024 season. Jack Dabbs, a

6’6, senior, has also been a big contributor to the teams 3-1 hot start. Other

honorable mentions like up, and coming sophomore, Rocco Pagliocca, have been

key role players for the Stevenson’s high- powered offense. But, for this game,

these players where not the only ones who stood out during this intense match

up to close out the opening season tournament. York Dukes A.J Levine, and Kyle

Waltz, played an outstanding game, Saturday evening, and proved that York has

a high ceiling and great potential at making a deep run for state.

The game between the two teams on Saturday was one to be remembered

for both programs. Both teams sure learned a few things about their identity for

what they could use to their advantage moving forward into the season. Early on

as the game kicked off, Atticus Richmond found himself in foul trouble, picking up

two quick fouls, two minutes into the game and had to take an early visit to the

bench. Meanwhile, York Dukes, led by crafty guard, A.J Levine, took advantage

of the situation by attacking the paint, forcing off ball help inside, and finding

shooters off kickout passes to knock down three-point shots, in order to take an

early lead. The most interesting part about this plight, is Rocco Pagliocca, a

sophomore who is not afraid of stepping up and taking on the offensive work

load. Pagliocca kept Stevenson within striking distance as their star player sat

the bench due to foul trouble. Jack Dabbs (Stevenson) was able to add to that

fuel by shooting efficiently from behind the arc. Dabbs finished the game with 15

points on four made three pointers. Atticus Richmond, did not let his foul troubles

get in the way of still being able to play a key role in this game for his team.

Richmond was able to bring in 6 rebounds for his team with two blocks, and had

a monstrous, contact finished, dunk that bought everyone in the stands to their

feet. It also gave Stevenson a tremendous boost of momentum to close out the third quarter.

On the other side, York’s A.J Levine made it very difficult for Stevenson to

stop him from attacking the rim and scoring. Levine finished the game with 13

points and 5 assist on the day. Levine is a crafty point guard who can score and

make plays for his teammates. He is a playmaking shot creator from the point

guard position. Levine also had some help on the day from Kyle Waltz who can

light it up from the midrange and perimeter. Waltz finished the game with 16

points on 5 made three-point shots. Waltz is a tall guard who can shoot lights out

from anywhere on the floor. He is also great at getting to his spots on offense,

where he can shoot most efficient from. The York Dukes has a great future

ahead of them with these two great players leading them. York has a great

system with outstanding team defense and proved on Saturday, that they can, in

fact, keep up with anyone in the state if they are locked in. With a good coaching staff which is led by their head coach Mike Dunn, who is doing a phenomenal job with this

season’s core.

At the end of the game, some players from this game in particular, were

mentioned for making the All-Tournament list. Jack Dabbs, and A.J Levine both

were mentioned in making the All-Tournament team, which is a great sign for

both their squads as the season is only just two weeks old. Both these teams

looked very good against each other and it was undoubtably, the most talent I

have seen, all together in one game. I am super excited to continue to follow both

these teams for the remainder of the year. From Simpson Elite Media, you can

check back here for more in season updates on these two programs, to find out

how far they can take their potential and where they can end up when it is all said

and done. I myself (Jaleel Duffie) with Simpson Elite Media, will keep you posted

as always.

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