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Orlando Magic Admiral Schofield, Shifting Gears!

Aaron Simpson here with SimpsonElite Media, I was able to catch up with Orlando Magic Admiral Schofield via text. Schofield recently signed a two-way contract with the Orlando Magic. He will split time between Orlando and Lakeland, the teams NBA Gleague affiliate. Schofield had a great summer in Chicago. Spending his time working on his game with Bas at the Attack Center where the NBA combine use to be held. He had some great moments at the DenardBros Pro Run and holding his own in the Chi-League against Chicago legend Jabari Parker. As far as NBA Vegas Summer League goes, Schofield was able to lead by example by, communicating, brining his energy and just showing the younger guys how to be a professional on and off the court. Ive asked Schofield a bunch of questions and he had this to say.

1. Being called up from the Gleague in December when the covid outbreak sidelined dozens of players. You were one of the few players who stuck a 2 way deal later that season. What does it mean to you that the Orlando Magic see you as a future piece?

-Schofield "Its a very rewarding feeling to know all the little things outside of making or missing shots has created opportunities for me to be in this league and to be with an organization that values what I bring on a daily is more rewarding then anything!"

2. With playing 2 years in the NBA and getting game time mins last year with the Magic, how did you attack the off-season, and what was your approach as you’re working on your game in the summer?

-Schofield "Off-Season is about fine tuning details in your game , playing pick up and adding 1-2 new skills that can help perfect your role in the league. Shooting the 3 is a big skill in the NBA so making 500 3’s a day in the off-season is a good gradual pace to improve your shooting! As camp gets closer you wanna ramp things up but be mindful of being fresh for the new season!"

3. Has there been a vet in the league that took you under their wing and kind of showed you the ropes?

-Schofield "Yes when I first got in the league Brad Beal took me under his wing and taught me the basics of being a professional on and off the floor. Not everything is about scoring 20! Perfecting your role will raise your stock quicker rather then trying to show all you can do. Fitting in is important to extending your career."

4. To stay in this league, how critical is it for you to be a good locker room guy and how conscious are you about it?

-Schofield"To stay in the league you have to be a great locker room guy. That might be the fastest way to get out of the league is if you cause problems in the locker or on the bench."

5. With the length of Gary Harris, Hampton, Banchero, and yourself, how good defensively can you guys be/and where do you rank in the East?

-Schofield"The Sky is the limit for us we are young but we have a great staff that’s been teaching us how to win at this level. With the roster talent we have I don’t see why we can’t make the playoffs this year and be a top 8 team in the East!"

6. In what ways do you see yourself impacting the Orlando Magics roster?

-Schofield "I see my self impacting the roster this year by being a Much improved 3 point shooter elite on and off ball defender for the Magic this year and most importantly bringing energy and making energy plays!"

7. With the addition of Banchero, did you give him any advice on how the NBA works and or the business side, and what part of his game shocked you the most?

-Schofield "We have had some of the same talks that Brad used to give me in Washington. But Paolo’s a Great young man and he has a great team of people around him that are guiding him well! The part of his game that is really impressive is his IQ and ability to score! He can make some really good passes and can get to the rim with the best of them."

8. What are some goals you set for yourself, this upcoming season?

-Schofield" I want to up my percentages from 3, my goals is to be a 40% 3pt shooter avg a little more points but most importantly really make an impact on the defensive end! I really want to show more of who I am in my role this year!"

9. What Artist get you hyped before games?

-Schofiled "Lil Baby, Future, Lil Nudy, Jay z, Drake, Young Thug"

10. If you could be any animal in the world, what would it be and why?

-Schofield "If I could be any animal in the world i’d be a lone Wolf mainly because I stay in my lane and stick to what makes me great!"

11. What is some advice you can give to high school seniors that aren’t getting recruited going into their last season in highschool?

-Schofield "The best advice I can give you is outwork them, and when I say them I mean everyone. most times we get caught up in just our competition in the county or state when you have a whole world your are fighting against to get one opportunity! So outwork the next man everyday so when your opportunity comes you are ready to be successful!"

You've heard it here first on SimpsonElite Media that Schofield is ready to impact this upcoming season for the Magic's on both sides of the ball and that he feels, the Orlando Magic will be a top 8th team in the East. Will this be true? We won't have to wait no longer as the season is around the corner.

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