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Week two SimpsonElite Top Prospect Runs recap

Week two was filled with bucket getters and some big time names. Derek Bishop 2025 ranked #15 in the state of IL. Yaris Irby 2025 ranked #21 in the state of IL. Dejaun Graise 2025 ranked top 15 in the state of WI. It was a bucket affair. Nick Tayler 2024 the 6'6 Glenbrook south native had a great showing with his athletic ability, shooting ability and he also has a nice handle for his size. Irby showcased why he is sought out to be one of the top players in the state. His high IQ plays, his street ball handle and his shot making ability is going to separate him from the pack once his senior year hits. Dejaun Grasie and his brother Dontrell Graise from Wisconsin was a shocker! Dejaun with his smooth play left the gym in awe with ball handling ability, his hesitation dribble and his ability to get a bucket from anywhere on the floor. While his brother 2023 Dontrell Graise was doing all his work in the paint with highlighted dunks and cleaning the glass. Dontrell even showed that he can play on the perimeter and make timely shots. Through it all, there was the Wauconda standout Braeden Carlson 2024 went for a SimpsonElite Runs record with pouring in 53 points. He was clicking on all cylinders with scoring all over the floor. Transition 3's, pull up 3's, off the dribble 3's, doing his work in the paint, hitting the mid range, the kid was unstoppable. With this performance the kid was deemed MVP of the SimpsonElite Runs. Be on the look out for week 3, it only gets better.

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