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Trevon Roots 6'6 Marmion Academy(2023)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Roots showcased why his stock has been rising in the state of Illinois after having a really good summer. At the SimpsonElite Runs, when defenses closed out on Roots, he showed a quick first step, and used his long strides to get to the rim and finish emphatically. At this point, Roots is still very much developing his ball handling abilities but he showed he could get to the basket on straight line drives and with quick face up moves in the post. He also found some success as a shot blocker and rebounder at SimpsonElite Runs. His ability to be mobile on the perimeter is what makes his special on both ends of the floor. Because of his length he is able to get hands on deflections and timely steals, but most importantly his shot block timing is really good.

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