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Its Jaleel Duffie here with Simpson Elite Media, here at “The Stixx League”, and im here

once again to give you another exciting write up on the elite athletes who stood out the most in week 4 of this intense, action-packed league, right here in my hometown, Waukegan Illinois.

This week, the players all put on yet again another show, displaying their elite talent and

athletic abilities. Week 4 was filled with amazing highlight moments. Insane alley-oops, flashy

passes, and ankle breaking moves had the fans on their feet, inside the dog pound. It was a

movie like experience none the less. The intensity the players bring into The Stixx League has

been at a high elite level, and it has been one of the best sports experiences I have been a part

of, right here in my very home town. There were a lot of great talent on display for week four,

but these are the most notable hoopers who left their mark for this week.

Laron Frazier – Team “Vipers”

Laron Frazier is a former guard who I personally grew up watching play for

Waukegan Highschool. He is a sharpshooting guard and a legend for Waukegan’s

Varsity Boys basketball team. He was formally the all-time leader for the most

points scored in Waukegan basketball and he is in doubt the MVP for week four at

The Stixx League. Frazier poured in 30 points and did it by shooting the ball at a

high and efficient rate from all over the floor. Frazier is one of the most efficient

shooters I have ever covered and once again proved to me that, he is in fact, still,

one of the best shooters the state of Illinois has ever seen. He also went on, after

playing for Waukegan, to play division one basketball for Ball State University all

four years of his college career. His entire bag was on full display in week four,

showing us that even after years of playing, he still has a lot left of basketball in

the tank. His shooting ability is unmatched against anyone else in the league.

What really stood out too me the most from Frazier, in week four, is his shot

decisions. Frazier rarely forces anything up. This elite shooter is patient and if he

gets even the smallest opening, he is going to make you pay for it. He doesn’t

really have one or two spots that he gets hot from. He can shoot from anywhere

on the court. Midrange, three point-range and deep three point-range are all in

his shooting arsenal. He is also a really good ball handler and rarely turns the ball

over. His maturity for the game is at an elite level. I got a chance to catch up with

Frazier after the game to get some of his in site. I asked him if he has been

enjoying The Stixx League so far and his response was “it’s a good league, its back

at home and back being able to play in my old high school, it’s a good league” You

can clearly tell, from his response, that he is just enjoying being able to be back on

the court he once dominated on for so long and put on a show for his home town.

Naudgee Carpenter AKA “The Bus Driver” – Team “One Pak”

Carpenter is a 5’7 point guard with all the grit and heart you need in a point guard. Carpenter’s game is among the top elite of this league. He showcased a lot of very impressive highlight plays in his game this week against team “Zoo” who looked over matched against Carpenter’s squad, “One Pak”. The point guard has a high motor and does not back down from anyone, nor does he back down from any challenge. He gave team “Zoo” all sorts of problems with his elite passing and vision, not to mention is smooth ball handling and skilled shooting. Carpenter can break down defenders using his very skilled ballhandling crossover moves, and shoot the ball, off the dribble, better than almost any other player in the league. He makes it very difficult for defenders to guard him head up and stay in front of him, especially taller defenders who lack speed and lateral movement on defense. He stole the show in his week four game, hitting numerous threes and piling up assist to help contribute to his team’s impressive win. His one handed, no look passes, are a treat to watch. His ability to hit jump shots over the taller defenders, after breaking them down, is unmatched. Carpenter surely showed us all why his teammates call him “The Bus Driver”. He controls the tempo of the game while making sure everyone gets involved. A true “point god” none the less.

Nick Brinias – Team “One Pak”

Brinias is wing guard who can fill it up on the court and make it look effortless. He came out the game in week four and caught fire only just a minute into the game. He dropped 8 easy points in the first thirty seconds of the game. Brinias is a sharpshooting guard who can get going pretty quick if you let him. He is very hard to find in transition and makes defenses pay for not closing out on his shot. Brinias is also a guard who doesn’t have any problems creating his own shot. He is deadly when shooting from deep range off high ball screens. This guard has high confidence in his game with a, sort of swag to him, that gives him that consistence confidence when the ball is in his hands. Brinias has great ball handling skills and a high confidence also in his teammates, which I feel like, is key to a guard who plays off the ball and brings the ball up the floor. His contribution was massive for team “One Pak’s” win over a very tuff team “Zoo” who had a lot of talent coming into the game against “One Pak”.

Ryan Cohen – Team “Black Mamba”

Ryan Cohen is an elite division one, 6’3 guard and plays at a high level. Cohen is a diverse wing player who can score from all three levels on the floor. He has a remarkable ability of shooting with outstanding athletic ability. Cohen has been lighting it up since the start of the league this year, giving defenders a hard time on the perimeter. Not only can he shoot at a high level, but he can also size up and take his man off the dribble drive and finish firmly around the rim. Cohen has a great offensive instinct as well, setting up his teammates with high IQ passing. Cohen also, has great size and speed for a guard, allowing him to defend at an efficient rate as well. This division one college athlete continues to only get better and better, each week in The Stixx League. It almost seems like, every time he steps on the court, his game elevates from his previous performances.

Jake Fiegen – Team “Black Mamba”

Jake Fiegen is a division one, 6’3 combo guard, who played extremely well in week 4. A very

well fundamental guard with multiple skillsets. He is very patient and doesn’t get too eager or overwhelmed in the moment. Fiegen’s approach to the game is very sound and

unapprehensive. What stands out the most about him is, his basketball IQ. He can read and

react off ball at an elite level, putting himself in positions to score the ball. His skillset when

controlling the ball is excellent as well. Fiegen has outstanding ball handling skills with a great jump shot as well. He possesses good athleticism as well that allows him to attack the basket. Fiegen can do a little bit of everything, on top of his high IQ, which makes him a dangerous threat in transition and on fastbreaks. Fiegen can also hold his own, very well, on defense, around the perimeter while his athleticism makes it hard for players to beat him off the dribble drive and finish over or around him. Fiegen is a great teammate as well, his approach to the game is very unselfish. He did it all in his week four game as he contributed efficiently on both ends of the floor. He can shoot, pass, defend and finish well around the rim. He easily and arguably, one of the best players in the league.

Tafari Beckford AKA “BJ” – Team “Vipers”

Tafari Beckford is a 6’5 wing guard, who has been playing at an elite level for quite some time now. His most notable teams in his basketball career are, Niles North Highschool, Davenport University Men’s Basketball, and most recent, the TBL basketball league. Beckford is a lengthy and athletic, wing player, who can score at a high rate. He put on a show in week four, displaying his quality jumping ability, as he threw down some of the most memorable dunks so far in The Stixx League. Beckford’s dunking was not the only thing he put on display this week. With his size and athleticism, he was able to make highlight plays on defense as well, obtaining multiple highlight blocks to go along with his outstanding performance. Beckford plays with very high intensity and his willingness to constantly maintain a “downhill tempo” makes him a great guard at the wing position. Beckford is dangerous in fast break situations. He can also cause a lot of issues for team’s offenses in half court. He can create lanes in order to use his speed and quickness to get to the rim. He has great ballhandling skills for a 6’5 guard. On the contrary, I was able to get a chance to interview him, after his game, and asked him about what he has been seeing out there on the court since being able to come into the league and showcase his skills and he responded by saying, “It’s a lot of action, High pace, The refs are letting us play and get a little physical, We are able to get up and down the floor at a pace I enjoy, And that’s what is making it fun for me the most, Being able to keep that fast past throughout the games”. I enjoyed watching Beckford play this week and look forward to seeing what else he has for us in the next coming weeks of the league.

Ronald Blanchard – Team “Future Elite”

Ronald Blanchard is one of the best players in The Stixx League, at the center position.

Blanchard’s size, mixed with his grit demeanor, gives him a huge edge over everyone else that steps on the court with him. Not only does Blanchard has size, but he also has the fundamental skillsets to go along with it. Blanchard has a sort of confidence, that all centers should carry with them while playing on the court. He can score under the basket by utilizing his smooth footwork, and has a smooth touch on his mid-range jump shooting ability to add to his offensive arsenal. Blanchard has elite defensive abilities as well. He uses his size and strength to move defenders around and out of position, who comes across when being defended by him. Blanchard also gets gritty on the defensive glass as well. He is a glass cleaner on the boards, fishing out majority of the defensive rebounds for his team. Very hard to box out and keep him off the offensive glass as well. Blanchard makes it nearly, impossible, to get second chance opportunities on offense as you have a very hard time keeping him off and away from the rim when boxing out for rebounds. Blanchard runs the floor on transition, almost as if he is a guard. He runs the lanes very well for a center who might not be the fastest player out there. Blanchard will also show short stints of him running the fast break himself and controlling the fast breaks on his own, after crashing the boards and obtaining the rebound. He is not afraid to get the ball and run. These are good qualities you need, at the center position, especially the way the game has evolved over the last few years. Blanchard gives me Tim Duncan, mixed with, Kevin Garnett vibes with his gritty style of play, but keeps it very fundamental when he looks to score.

Dravon Clayborn – Team “Stixx”

Clayborn a shifty guard who is not so easy to stay in front of. He has elite ball handling skills

mixed with a very efficient jump shot. Clayborn’s offensive bag was on full display in week four as he continuously showed us that not too many players from the opposing team could stay in front of him. He is quick and very shifty when breaking down his defenders. Clayborn’s

midrange game, is among the best in the league as well. Clayborn is a pure shot creator who

knows how to get to his spots on the court and knock down shots while making it look so easy. He plays with confidence and a lot of heart, which gives him those certain abilities to hit tuff shots over his defenders. Clayborn plays with high intensity and he is very efficient when the ball is in his hands. He was roasting his defenders with his ballhandling skills, forcing most of them into a bad position, to make it very hard to defend his midrange jump shot.

Amari Leflore – Team “Future Elite”

Leflore is a sharpshooting guard who is dangerous on the perimeter. Spot up shooting is

specialty. Leflore has an excellent shooting form and lets the game come to him. He does not spend too much time forcing up any bad shots. If you let him catch fire, it is very hard to

contain him. Leflore put on a three-point shooting clinic in week four of The Stixx league. He

was knocking down the three-ball with such ease. Leflore is really good at keeping that constant rhythm throughout the game and his confidence to shoot the ball is very much high. Leflore is not the tallest, nor is he the strongest guard who plays the wing, but his shooting ability and quickness makes up for it all. Leflore has quality ball handling skills and also knows how to get in transition and position himself anywhere on the perimeter, in order to knock down three-point shots. His ability to play off the ball is elite as he constantly moves all around the floor, in order to get himself into an open possession to shoot the three. What I enjoyed most about Leflore is his shot tendency. If he falls into a small shooting slump, he is confident enough to keep shooting to quickly get himself back into rhythm. He had one of the best shooting performances in week four, and I look forward to seeing his follow up performance in the week of The Stixx League.

The Stixx League has been an outstanding experience so far. So

much talent has been on display in every week. I recommend anyone

who is anyone, to come out and watch as you will not be disappointed

with the entertaining performances, that you come to watch. High

flying dunks, ankle breaking crossovers, flashy passes, and high

intensity is what gets all the fans in the gym aroused and on their feet.

It is an experience any basketball fan would love to see. We have had

incredible stand outs and I, myself, Jaleel Duffie, with Simpson Elite

Media, will keep bringing you all the insight on the incredible action

that takes place right here at The Stixx League.

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