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Stixx League Standouts

It’s Jaleel Duffie here with Simpson Elite Media, here at The Stixx League” and it has been a great experience from week 2 of the first year of the event held in Waukegan Illinois, my home town. The top hoopers in this league put on a show displaying elite basketball skills and impressive athletic ability. High flying dunks and bone crushing ankle breakers got the crowd buzzing, and on their feet, inside the dog pound. It was surely a site to see. Every player who came out performed at an elite level but these where the most notable hoopers who stood out the most.

Tarek Abdelkireeem-Team “Green Pak”

Abdelkireem is a 6’2 guard out of Algonquin IL who showed us his entire bag in week two. His shot creating ability was pristine as well as his ability to shoot the ball from deep range. The efficient shot creating guard was giving the opposing team’s defense all sorts of problems, especially down the stretch and late in the game. With his skillset, mixed with his very high offensive IQ, Abdelkireem showed us that he is one of the top hoopers in this league. After his first week absence in the league’s first week debut, he proved to us that he is also a fierce competitor on the court. I was able to catch up with the guard after the game to get some insight on what his mentality was coming into his first game this week here at “The Stixx League”. His response was “I wasn’t here week one, so week two, I just came to kill and get it done with my homies”. Abdelkireem has recently played for Milwaukee Area Tech, who just recently earned a juco national championship. I am truly excited to see what this guard has in store for us within the next coming weeks.

Kuba SenCzyszyn-Team “Green Pak”

A forward with great size mixed with elite ball handling skills. SenCzyszyn also had a great week two game, showing us his elite ability to attack the basket and finish firmly around the rim. His solid athleticism, mixed with his ability to knock down shots from three-point range, gave the opposing team headaches early in the game. He also has the ability to create his own shot at a high level when given the opportunity.

Henry Vetter- Team “Black Mamba”

Vetter was by far the most entertaining to watch in week two. Hailing from Kenilworth Illinois. He is a shifty guard with tremendous ball handling skills. He is a pure shot creator and jump shooter who can knock down threes off the dibble. He is a wing player that anyone would have a hard time guarding head up. His bag was on full display in week one, pouring in 35 points and 8 rebounds to seal a tight win against “Zoo” that eventually ended in overtime. His shiftiness and ability to take defenders off the dribble is among the best in the league. His top highlight play came late in overtime. With his incredible and witty ball handling skills, from the left corner, he gave his defender a bone crushing ankle breaking half spin, and followed up with a reverse layup that was executed to perfection, which gave his team the lead and ultimately sealed the win. In his interview, I asked Vetter to walk me through the highlight play he executed, and he quote, “All I know is I seen him slip and fall, it got a little humid out there, I don’t know if he slipped and fell, all I know is, I seen my lane and I had to go finish, I smoked a couple layups before, but I had to make sure I wasn’t going to miss that one”. Vetter left the crowd in awe as he delivered a special performance in week two.

Quinton McCullough- Team “Skywalk”

McCullough is a big athlete who can finish around the rim. His size mixed with his athleticism is a huge problem when he gets going. He can also get going from three-point range when he spots up at his most effective spots on the court. He helped propel “Skywalk” to a victory and proved to the fans and the rest of these great hoopers that he can get it done in crunch time when it matters the most.

Cam Keilman- Team “SkyWalk”

This tall forward gave me Klay Thomas vibes the entire time watching him in game two. His three-point shot was at an elite level, showing that he can shoot the three at a very consistent rate. Doesn’t really need to put the ball on the floor as he has the willingness to get to an open spot almost every possession. When Keilman got going from three, it caused major issues for team “All The Smoke”. Keilman is a pure sharp shooter who can catch fire at any given point.

Kimahri Wilson- Team “Future Elite”

This division one standout showed us all why he played at the highest level of collegiate basketball. Wilson is an athletic combo guard who can get it done on both ends of the floor. Wilson played for division one college Stephen F Austin early on in his career, and he did not disappoint this week. He was able to lock down opposing guards and force bad shots, after bad shots for Vipers guards. He used his speed and elite footwork to get to the paint and finish around the rim on the offensive side of the ball. A player who plays with high intensity, Wilson is a threat and an experience hooper who can make plays on both sides of the ball.

Pat Terrell- Team “All The Smoke”

Terrell’s high intensity is the driving force for his game. This athletic tall guard can play multiple positions on the floor. He is quick and shifty with the ability to create his own shot as well as facilitate. Terrell is a diabolical playmaker who can also get his teammates going. He is a leader nonetheless and possesses a passion to score and make plays at his own pace. He can shoot at a high rate, off the dribble, or spot up. Terrell can score from all three levels on the court, Terrell’s game is tough.

Amar Augillard- Team “Zoo”

Amar Augillard did not disappoint this week following his masterful 50 plus point game from last week. He has amazing athleticism with an elite ability to score at a high rate. Strong, fast, and his quickness is what drives his game. He has a high IQ for the game. His high IQ mixed with his athleticism is what also gives him the ability to make insane defensive plays. Augillard can finish at the rim with force and also can finish with both hands easily. There is no question that his game is one of the best in “The Stixx League”. This athletic guard can easily take over a game offensively and pushes the tempo at a professional level. Can create his own shot. He can pass at an elite level. This Guard can do it all while playing and guarding multiple positions on the floor.

Kijuan Stricklin- Team “SkyWalk”

A point guard with a floor general identity. Stricklin has great ball handling skills and the ability to make plays from the point guard position. He is a solid three- point shooter who will not hesitate to pull from deep range. He brings out the best in his teammates by making the right plays and controlling the offense. He has great size for a point guard. His confidence in his game is at a high level. He is fast and quick, moving in and out, on and off the ball. He makes great offensive reads. Stricklin also demonstrates an elite level of ball handling. He can break his defender down and can attack the basket off the dribble drive. By far one of the best point guards in the league who stood out in week 2.

Matthew Hibbert- Team “Vipers”

Hibbert is a three-level scorer with a deadly midrange game. His smooth touch from his jump shot gives him the ability to be a menace from midrange. A high basketball IQ and experienced hooper, Hibbert knocked down the go ahead bucket from midrange to seal the win for the Vipers in week 2. He gets to his spots and shoots the ball with a sort of confidence that any three-level guard needs, in order to be successful and efficient. He has great size at the guard position. He has, by far, the toughest midrange game I have seen in “the stixx league” by far.

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