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Milaan Moore Kenwood Academy (2024)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The 6-foot junior has a arsenal of moves and is a very athletic big who can guard multiple positions. Moore has great size that guards can't do anything with her and good speed that bigs can't guard her off the bounce. The way she handles the ball with her size is something special to watch, she plays with her head up and she makes the right reads. She is very dominant in the post area, she grabbed 17 rebounds in the SimpsonElite Runs. She does well with finishing on the low block, she can finish with either hand and that makes her special to watch. Moore has a great touch shooting around the mid range area and she can shoot the three but rather dominate in the post. Moore rim protection is unmatched as well, she was dominate with blocking shots all over the court. Moore will be making noise this upcoming season, be on the look out.

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