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Luke Loughlin on the rise

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Loughlin 2028 is considered to be one of the top 10 players in the state of IL and 62 in the country, per Top25Scouts. Loughlin has been with SimpsonElite training for 2 years now and he's made a tremendous impact in the organization. With his raw talent of ball handling and soft touch floater, Loughlin feels as though SimpsonElite played a part of his skill development. Owner of SimpsonElite Aaron Simpson had this to say about Loughlin. "Luke already had raw talent when we met him at Limitless (AAU program), we saw the potential in Luke and wanted to polish his game up just a little, everything you see him doing is just a product of work he puts in and Luke puts in the work." Luke has been to Chris Paul National Middle School combine "Top 25 All star", MSHTV National Camp "Top 20 All star, and most recent he was at MADE Hoops Middle school academy "Top 20 All star"Luke can be seen playing on the circuit with the Chi-town Bulldogs who is considered to be the top 25 team in the country. To follow Luke's progress, follow him on instagram @LukeLoughlin2028

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