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Logan Feller New Trier (2024)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The sleeper at SimpsonElite Runs was no one other than, Logan Feller. Feller is a 6'4 shooting guard who can run the floor and put himself in position to score. His feel for the game is like no other, he isn't driven by touches or even all the hype, the kid just wants to hoop. Watching Feller play, you start to notice the little things he do such as, crashing the offensive glass for put backs, filling the lanes for a walk in three, or even just getting that hockey assist. Feller has good size, length with potential to be a good on ball defender, can shoot it very well, and plays winning basketball. New Trier has a sleeper on their roster so be on the look out for this kid. You can find Feller playing summer ball with AAU club Fundamental U.

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