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Logan Brown 6'6 Glenbard West(2023)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

At 6-foot-6, Brown has excellent size for a point guard. He is undoubtedly a combo guard but he is at his best when he is creating for others. Brown has the height to see over the defense, and the fundamentals required to make every type of pass a point guards need to make. The ball never sticks in Brown's hands. His off ball movements are phenomenal and he reads the plays on the court in frames ahead of his teammates. He has a strong potential to be a good facilitator out of pick and roll, where he's a respectable threat as shooter. Brown athleticism makes up for blow by's and his recover timing is second to none. He is tenacious defender and is always communicating with his teammates. He has supremely quick hands that help him intercept passes for easy transition baskets.

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