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Jon Mcgee 6'2 Glenbrook North(2025)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Mcgee's game isn't flashy, more so quiet but he does all the little things that matters in a basketball game. Mcgee was one of the most versatile and efficient threats at SimpsonElite Runs. Mcgee is a multi-faceted offense threat, good with the shoot, the drive, and the pass. Mcgee is best known for his shooting ability in which he shoots at such a high clip. He has a pretty form, good release on his jump shot and a nice lift on his shot. Mcgee was one of the best off the bounce shooters in the gym. Unlike most perimeter players. Mcgee utilizes the pull game to great effect, in addition to be outstanding coming off screens. Im expecting his game to develop more over his high school career as he begins to be more aggressive with the ball, he is going to be very hard to guard.

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