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Jacob Rice 6'3 St.Laurence(2025)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The 6'3 guard Rice is very intelligent prospect, showing impressive maturity and fundamentals despite being the youngest player in the SimpsonElite Runs. He moves off the ball well and passes the ball unselfishly, often making the extra pass along the perimeter and cutting smartly as the defense over plays him. He's not flashy or a high volume shooter but is very efficient when he does decides to be aggressive. Rice doesn't take bad shots, and rarely turns the ball over. In SimpsonElite Runs, the guard was very intentional with his patten fadeaway move, where he drained 5 of them over defenders. Rice smooth play and scoring ability reminds me of a young Devin Booker and I look forward to seeing his development over the years.

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