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Eli Aldana St. Viator (2023)

The kid knows how to score, and can do it in a variety of ways. Give him some space and he has the range hit the jumper on you, play him tight and he'll blow by you with dribble drives. He shot the ball exceptional at the SimpsonElite Runs, his type of range allows him to keep the defenders guessing with pump fakes leading to dribbles drives. Aldana does great job at reading ball screens and making the correct decision in the moment, a few times defenders went under the ball screen and he pulled up for a jump shot, it went in must of the time. His hesitation dribble and foot work is impeccable. Watching him drive pass defenders, stoping on the dime, reverse pivoting into a shot was magnificent. Aldana is a playmaker, a guy that make others better, and a solid defender on the other side of the ball. Aldana has a lot to prove his senior year and it will be a good one.

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