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Brock Marino Lakes (2023)

The 6-foot-7 senior does a great job at scoring on the low post, with either hand Marino can score over the left or right shoulder, and that makes him very hard to guard. With great size, Marino can take defenders to the mid range area where he can hit the 15 footer, he has potential to be a really good stretch big if he continues to work on his shooting. He excels at scoring on off-ball plays, he does a great job moving without the ball and putting himself in scoring situations. Marino is a decent playmaker who sets solid screens to free up teammates. I love his motor, after a rebound he is sprinting full speed, rim running for layup/dunk opportunities. Marino is a solid rim defender, if he cleans up his lateral quickness, I wouldn't be shocked to see him guard 2-5. Marion will be something special to watch this upcoming season.

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