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Barrington's Transfer Dillon Schmidt Potential

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Dillon Schmidt is your prototypical point guard that can lead a team when the ball is in his hands. He has was pushed to play combo guard at St. Viator, where he struggled a bit but has a new light with joining Barrington's basketball club. Schmidt is a 6'2 point guard that is pass first guard but can get the job done by scoring the ball as well. At SimpsonElite Runs Schmidt had his passing ability on display for the gym to see. With over the head passes, to driving, engaging two defenders and making the right read, the kid can see the floor very well. Schmidt aggressiveness is what keeps the defense honest when guarding him, and adding a player like Schmidt to the line up will open flood gates for the rest of the team. Schmidt reading and reacting skills are at a high level, he can shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor, he handles pressure very well, can create for others, and his ability to create space from defenders is something special to have. You can find Schmidt playing fall ball with Limitless and high school with Barrington Broncos.

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