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Anestis Hadjistamoulou 6'0 Glenbrook South(2025)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

At 6'0", Hadjistamoulou is mostly operating out of the point guard position. Along with that, he possess a great pace and feel for the game that we haven't seen at SimpsonElite Runs. Hadjistamoulou is great at manipulating ball screens where it almost revert into a scoring opportunity when the ball is in his hands. He does a great job at reading the defensive coverages whether he is snaking the ball screen when the screen defender is in a drop coverage, shooting behind the screener because the defender went under the ball screen or using the probe dribble because the defender went over the ball screen. Hadjistamoulou high IQ was on display Saturday evening, it seemed as though he was apart of every play on the offensive end. He shoots the ball very well off the dribble, adequate shooter, great playmaker, and a decent defender that can gets steals.

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