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Andreya'nna Hicks Waukegan (2023)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Hicks is probably one of the most complete basketball players we've seen at the SimpsonElite Runs. When you talk about athleticism, speed, will to win and a player who does the dirty work, you're talking about Hicks. The 5'8 guard ability to move her feet and keep the ball in front of her to get stops is what she is capable of. She guarded the biggest players on the floor and ended the possession with a box out and rebound. Hicks ran the lane like a deer and finished through defenders. She dished out a few assist and made a few highlight plays like at the end of the game, she through up a half court heave that went in all net! Hicks is the ideal player of playing both sides of the ball. She's looking to go out with a bang for her season season!

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